Tom Bromley

Played 6 seasons of senior soccer with Mudgee Rapid  (1 year) then Mudgee United – 1984 -1990. First got involved in junior Soccer in 1992 with partner Sally coaching son Stuart in the under six Gulgong side.

Somehow I inherited line marking duties from Bob Heslop and Ron Fletcher in Mudgee and someone in Gulgong and marked both places while soccer was at the racecourse in Mudgee and Billy Dunn in Gulgong.

Took over as ref coordinator from Sandy Kirkella in 1996 and have continues till today.

Teamed up with Julie Shearer to be Gulgong representatives after soccer moved from the show ground to Billy Dunn soccer fields and the new supporter built canteen.

Was manager with Brian Bell and later manager/coach with son Stuarts dominant Western Youth League team from 1997 to 2001 and various other rep teams after that.

Made life member at the PCYC on 7th September 2002


Harry Chilton

I have been involved with football for 61 years. Firstly in England in my home town of Maryport playing for the local team. Upon joining the Army I played for my battalion against France, Germany and other countries involved in the war. I moved to Australia in 1974 taking up residence in Wollongong and working at the steel works and playing with the local competition. I moved to Mudgee in 1992 and have been involved with the club since then as a coach and mentor guiding a large number of Juniors & Seniors. I was the 1st Life Member of the club. I have witnessed the game evolve over many years from being a very physical game to be now a skillful game played by many.


Peter Mitchell

I have been involved with Football since 1990. My 1st Club was the Kahibah Rams in Newcastle then Moree prior to moving to Mudgee in 1995.

I took up a position on the Committee in 1996 as Treasurer and since then have held many other positions on the committee. I am currently the President and have held that position for I don’t know how long.

I was awarded Life Membership after Harry Chilton & Tom Bromley and it is an honor to be held in the same regard as those 2 people. My 4 children have all played for the club and I now have grand children playing. The children keep me motivated seeing them succeed no matter what skills they have.


Julie Shearer

I started with Mudgee/Gulgong Soccer in 1993 when my eldest son Richard began playing. In those early days I was just another Soccer mum coming to Saturday Soccer and travelling across the state with Rep Soccer on the Sunday.  As the early years past I assisted Tom Bromley in organising the Gulgong side of Mudgee/Gulgong Soccer along with helping Tom with the Rep team for my sons’ age as Team Manager.

I began volunteering in the Soccer Canteen in 1999 when my youngest son Blayde started playing; again I did Saturday Soccer and travelled across the state for Rep soccer with both my sons. I continued to assist Tom Bromely to organise the Gulgong end of the Mudgee/Gulgong Soccer and acted as Manager to Tom for both the boys Rep Teams.

I began Managing the Mudgee/Gulgong Soccer Canteen many years ago, I have enjoyed my time Managing the Canteen and when my sons finished Soccer as they got older I continued on as Canteen Manager. Although I had to quit my “Day Job” due to health reasons I could not let go of “My Canteen” and my loyal volunteers,  I am still here to this day with no end date in site.


David Payne

I am the latest to have bestowed on me the life membership. It is an honour to be given this for recognition for my outstanding services to the Mudgee/Gulgong Wolves F.C. Recognition for my hard work over the years that I have been with the club.


But I don’t think it is hard work because I love the work I do for the club, children and the game of Football.